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Fuji Kusaka

Who are you and why is Umbraco and CodeGarden relevant to you?

My name is Fuji Kusaka, I work for a Hospitality company LUX* Resorts & Hotels based on the small island Mauritius as an Online Development Manager.

I used to work for a Web company where I started as a Web Designer, then as a front-end developer. At that time with the evolution of the web we were looking for a stable CMS. We then discovered Umbraco 4.7, but did not really know how to use it properly until I attended my first Codegarden, CG11. That’s where I really got the know the ins and outs of Umbraco.

Once there we realized we were attending a very unique kind of conference where people from different companies and countries got together to share knowledge and contribute to the future and growth of Umbraco.

Why did you already purchase your cg 15 ticket?

  • It will be my 4th Code Garden and every time it’s a different experience. Last year at codegarden I had a lot of fun. Sharing of knowledge with others, making new friends and best of all getting to know all the people I usually talk to on
  • Well its cheaper to get it early!

What's your best memory from previous CodeGardens?

The best one would be my first time in 2011 where Niels Hartvig sat with me to help find some answers to my multiple questions.

Anything else that you wish to add/share?

Looking forward to CG15! Make sure you people don’t miss the post CG15 dinner  and other social events. And remember what happens at CG stays at CG. #H5YR #CG15 #Umbraco