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Pete Duncanson

A majestic session on the technical track @peteduncanson Offroadcode
Pete Duncanson

Using ReactJS with Umbraco

The Session

Its all been about AngularJS of late, but with the Public Relations disaster that was the announcement of AngularJS v2 another new kid on the block got a look in at Offroadcode HQ.

ReactJS is the javascript templating library that is powering most of Facebook, Instagram and Yahoo mail. One of its main selling points is its ease to understand for new developers and ease of understanding existing React projects for those developers coming in your wake.

We've been pushing it and using it and really, really like it. Find out what it is, why its good and how we've found using it.

The Speaker

When I'm not being a vocal and unofficial evangelist for all things Umbraco, I'm also the founder and managing director of Offroadcode Ltd, an Umbraco gold partner based in Huddersfield, UK. I've been lucky enough to travel the world visiting other Umbraco meetups and conferences but Code Garden is THE one be at.

I've been coding for longer than I care remember and I'm told I have a knack for finding simple solutions to difficult problems. I love discussing/presenting about all things technical to help pass on Offroadcode’s acquired knowledge and lessons learnt with as much enthusiasm as I can muster.

If you like what you hear feel free to buy me a beer, presenting is thirsty work. See you at the bar.