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Shannon Deminick

A cool session on the technical track @Shazwazza Umbraco HQ
Shannon Deminick

Umbraco Load Balancing

The Session

Load Balancing is a tough challenge, there are many different requirements, configurations and techniques that it's difficult to know which way is the right way. This session will show you the pros & cons of Load Balancing, its common pitfalls, the various setup strategies and the recommended ones to use - with both current & future techniques!

The Speaker

Shannon Deminick has been in the Umbraco HQ for the past several years. He's the creator of some popular libraries such as Examine, Articulate, UmbracoIdentity & ClientDependency, is the original founder of uComponents and is also a Microsoft ASP.Net MVP. Shannon is a Canadian who lives in Australia but as of CodeGarden 2015 will be living locally in Copenhagen. He loves surfing and the beach so that's quite ironic.