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Theo Paraskevopoulos

A majestic session on the usecase track @theotron GrowCreate
Theo Paraskevopoulos

Selling Umbraco

The Session

We all have to “sell Umbraco”. The CMS itself might be free of charge, but convincing stakeholders to go with Umbraco can be daunting. After all, CMS Matrix lists some 1289 systems to choose from.

As the technical lead of a digital agency, I have “sold Umbraco” more times than I can remember. I have sold it to small companies and multinationals, IT and Marketing Directors, for projects of all shapes and sizes.

We, the Umbraco community, have a vested interest in Umbraco doing well. In this session I want to offer practical tips and share lessons learnt to help spread the word far and wide.

The Speaker

Theo is the founder and technical director at GrowCreate, a digital agency and Umbraco Gold Partner based near Oxford. I picked Umbraco as our CMS of choice in 2009 and have used it exclusively and extensively in projects for corporations, SMEs, non-profits and start-ups. I take particular pleasure in stretching Umbraco to meet non-standard requirements, such as document management systems and hybrid mobile apps.