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Chris Gaskell

A gnarly session on the technical track @CGaskell Detangled Digital
Chris Gaskell

Securing Your Umbraco

The Session

So you’ve built your lovely new Umbraco powered site and you’re ready to push it up onto your production servers and switch that DNS. Victory at last.

But wait!

Are you sure that your website is secured against those web nasties? In this session we’ll look at the steps you can take to secure your Umbraco installation. From simple steps you can take in adding items into your web.config through to running penetration tests. Have you thought about those HTTP headers exposing your platform, sql injection, session hijacking, encrypting cookie content or cross site scripting? In this session we’ll take a simple site using Umbraco, demonstrate it’s vulnerabilities then go through and sort them.

The Speaker

Chris Gaskell is a North West UK based .NET developer working under Detangled Digital. He has been coding for over 12 years, has been a freelance developer for over 7 years and has been using Umbraco since version 3. Over the last couple of years Chris has led large scale Umbraco installs and has a keen eye for optimisation & performance.

In 2011 Chris founded the Manchester Umbraco Meet Up which is going strong with over 200 members and recently had a visit from the chief unicorn himself!