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Emil Bay

A rad session on the usecase track @emilbayes Umwelt
Emil Bay

Marrying Umbraco and Node.js

The Session

For Roskilde Festival we needed a great CMS, but with rapid horizontal scaling. TO solve this problem we chose Umbraco for the backoffice and a slim, stateless Node.js API server. This is our story.

The Speaker

Emil Bay is a 22 year old, Copehagen based full-stack developer at Umwelt. He has been coding since the age of 13, and freelancing since then.

His first job was building applications with WebForms in Asp.NET 2.0, but the experience was so traumatising that he has stuck to the open source world since then.

He is especially excited about vNext and the prospect of Windows and UNIX finding common ground.

Avid open source contributor, UNIX ascetic, Node.js hacker and former mathematician.