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Heather Floyd

A cool session on the technical track @hfloyd Mindfly Studio
Heather Floyd

Making the Leap from Umbraco v.4/6 to v.7

The Session

Version 7 of Umbraco is out - and hot. But if you've been working in versions 4 and 6 of Umbraco for the last few years, you might be nervous about the transition to version 7. This session will focus on the similarities and differences between 4/6 & 7 - and whether, when, and how you should consider making the switch.

Topics covered:

  • Upgrading a version 4/6 site to v.7 (what to consider, when to start fresh instead)
  • What's changed (New Umbraco service APIs, Angular JS Property Editors)
  • Masterpages to MVC
  • Tools & resources to help with upgrades and getting up-to-speed.

The Speaker

Heather Floyd has been involved in website and software development for over 15 years and using Umbraco since 2006. She is currently a New York City based Senior Developer for Mindfly Studio and blogs at

Outside of her interests in business and programming, Heather enjoys cooking, making jewelry, gardening, and entertaining with her husband and kitty. She also has interests in tech diversity, personal development, and productivity (and she knows that is a bit geeky).