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Lee Kelleher & Matt Brailsford

A tight session on the technical track
Lee Kelleher

How to develop a killer package

The Session

In this session Lee and Matt will look back through their history of developing packages and discuss what it takes to build a killer Umbraco package.

  • Starting with the package basics, what is an Umbraco package? Breaking down the different aspects like manifest files, package actions, limitations, etc.
  • How to create packages. The easy way via the back-office, or the advanced way using automated build scripts.
  • Releasing packages - Our Umbraco, NuGet, anything else (future)?
  • Best practises - which Umbraco version to target, naming your package (#NoMoreUPrefix), open-sourcing/GitHub, collaboration.

The Speakers

Lee is an Umbraco specialist and a co-founder of Umbrella, an Umbraco Gold Partner. A key figure in the Umbraco community Lee has contributed and developed many packages including the newly popular Ditto project, (and not to forget uComponents), as well as being awarded Umbraco MVP 4 times! Umbrella have delivered websites for Carlsberg, Jaguar, ITN and Microsoft.

Matt is one half of The Outfield, a company specialising in Umbraco development based in Sheffield, England and has worked with many high profile clients such as Le Tour de France and Specialized bikes. A long time Umbraco user, Matt's contributions have earned him the title of The Karmanator (given to him by the community) due largly to the amount and quality of packages he has released. From Desktop Media Uploader, to Vorto, ezSearch and more recently Doc Type Grid Editor and Nested Content, it's clear Matt's passion for Umbraco development still burns strong, and he really knows what makes a Killer Package.