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Jeavon Leopold & Jack Stunell

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Harnessing Umbraco v7.2 for Britax’s European websites

The Session

Crumpled Dog recently spent 6 months developing Britax’s European websites and would like to share their experience & approach in developing a large multilingual website using Umbraco v7.2.  Britax manufacture childcare products such as car seats, pushchairs & bicycle seats.


Topics include:

  • How and why we created early prototypes for considering Umbraco content UX using Umbraco Core tools, Archetype, nuPickers & other packages
  • A look at the 40 custom Angular JS property editors we created as well as a few Umbraco hacks we needed in order to provide the Britax content editor team with a streamlined UX for managing complex content
  • How we have approached mixing 1-1 multilingual content with language specific websites, including friendly URL’s & Multi-language search indexes using Examine
  • Super flexible Grid layouts using 20 custom grid editors for generic content pages
  • Integrating custom data sources and management into the Umbraco UX through the utilisation of custom applications and trees

The Speakers

Jeavon & Jack work at Crumpled Dog, an Umbraco Gold Partner based in London’s TechCity/Old Street (Silicon Roundabout).

Jeavon has been working with Umbraco since v3.0 (2007ish), he is an Umbraco Core Collaborator and creator of several Umbraco packages. At CodeGarden 2014 he was awarded Umbraco MVP.

Jack is the development team lead at Crumpled Dog and has been developing with Umbraco since v4.0. He loves all things Umbraco but in the last 6 months he has developed a special passion for AngularJS and Examine!