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Martin Sørensen & Adam Peter Nielsen

A cool session on the usecase track
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Custom editors and super speed with elastic

The Session

Martin and Adam from Novicell will share from their bag of tricks of how to build large-scale custom ecommerce sites with Umbraco. The session is a case study of the Expert solution – one of Scandinavia’s largest electronics retailers. Learn how to manage multiple brands and sites in one big load balanced monster of an Umbraco integration solution that performs crazy-fast. Yes, crazy fast.

  • Flexible custom editors for a better than what-you-see-is-what-you-get experience
  • Marrying elastic search and Umbraco for high performance ecommerce
  • Scaling and load balancing a large multi-site Umbraco instance
  • Back office extensions for 100% custom ecommerce management

The Speakers

At Novicell, Martin manages the enterprise client team that handles development activities for a number of larger commerce projects. Martin has built large ecommerce sites since 1997 and has experience in development, project management, and it infrastructure. He also knows a lot about hardware and servers. Martin enjoys ice cream and SQL.

Same as above, but Adam is more of a cake person with a passion for front-end development.