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Janusz Stabik & Emma Garland

A wicked session on the technical track
Janusz Stabik

Beyond the web

The Session

We all use Umbraco as a website Content Management System. We use it to manage content in various formats and we deliver beautifully crafted HTML templates that our users view through a web browser. Furthermore we have a great UI, a hierarchal data structure and the ability to deliver the output from our templates in a super snappy fashion.

Now let’s just step back a bit. The only tie-in we have to the "world wide web" is that the templates we deliver have a content-type set to "TEXT/HTML" - and we can change this quite easily! So why restrict Umbraco to just website content delivery?

What if we thought of our users as “clients” (as in a 'client / server’) and not just people sat in front of computers and mobile devices, but servers, proxies and services too. 
This talk explores the use of Umbraco as a content management system, but not just as a system to manage websites - we explore how we can use it to manage content that powers telecommunications systems, services and apps, with some fun demo’s along the way.

The Speakers

 Janusz Stabik is the founder and director of Mayfly Media, an Umbraco Gold Partner based in the creative melting pot that is Bristol, U.K. He's a developer at heart but these days heads up the strategic offering to Mayfly's clients' including organisations such as Endsleigh and The Kennel Club. He's a doting father of two and when he's not working hard he enjoys the odd pint of ale and hitting the slopes on his snowboard.

He's still puzzled him why bios like this are written in the 3rd person.

Emma Garland is Lead Developer @mayflymedia in England's South West city of Bristol. She has been working with Umbraco since 2008, and is obsessed with code quality and automation, from refactoring and maintaining coding standards to writing suites of Selenium automation tests. Emma never gets bored of coding, and compares it to doing the world's best logic puzzle, or being in an open world computer game that keeps on evolving.

Emma is a fan of ice-skating, comedy, and old pubs with quirky histories. She has two cats, which she doesn't think is excessive (yet). She also collects Error Pages, especially 404s, and Konami Codes. She would always appreciate being sent some more for her personal Umbraco site.